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DeLano & DeLano has extensive experience in working to resolve real property disputes, whether they involve easements, encroachments, damage, or other issues.

We represent both individuals and groups in this regard. We work hard for our clients and attempt to resolve these matters without the need for litigation. If resort to the courts is necessary however, DeLano & DeLano has extensive expertise litigating these types of cases, at the trial court and appellate level.

DeLano & DeLano also serves as counsel for a major local land conservancy organization and has expertise in negotiating and closing complex land grants and purchases.

Our work has helped our clients to ensure that hundreds of acres will be conserved and managed in perpetuity as open space. Invariably these deals involve tricky issues such as easements, blemishes to title, and potential claims such as prescriptive easements or encroachments. They also often involve complex transactions between multiple parties including various governmental agencies and private parties such as developers or individuals.

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